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The Trio has returned.  It was as if the air around me shivered.  How ironic given what I was doing at the time:  examining the latest production line of "action figures" designed to look like the Trio.  It amuses me to have a division of my company produce these -- especially to have emasculated Potter and Weasley.

"Brendan, you're avoiding your guests," Parvati says, entering my office.

I look up, quirking an eyebrow at her.  "I didn't want them here in the first place."

Rolling her eyes, she moves behind my desk to straddle my lap.  I drop the figures on the desk and lean back.  I refuse to be distracted when she trails her fingers over my cheek.

"You need them here," she reminds me.  "And Narcissa didn't bring her brat, so it's relatively calm."

"Lucius and Micha don't get along," I say.

She leans forward, lips just above mine.  "But Rodolphus is delightfully uncomfortable.  That should more than make up for it."

Resigning myself to the evening, I slide my hands around Parvati, cupping her ass and snugging her against my erection.  Her lips curve into a wicked smile.

"What would make up for it is if you would lie back on my desk and spread those legs for me."  To seal her acceptance, I hiss in Parseltongue in her ear.  As predicted, she melts.

Her hands move to my fly, frantically unbuttoning my trousers.  She only makes it as far as sliding her knickers to the side before guiding me inside her.

"Wanton whore," I groan.  She clutches my cock with her pussy in response.

"Lucius and Narcissa haven't said a word to each other," she murmurs, rising and sinking above me.

"Not surprised.  Did Rookwood touch the food?"  I grip her hips and rise to lay her back on my desk.  At the last moment, I use wandless magic to clear the figures.

We're both near climax when a knock sounds on the door.  Before I can say anything or block it, the door opens.

"Mrs Avery, the guests are restless," Micha says, politely ignoring the fact I'm shagging her on my desk.  He nods briefly at me before turning to leave.

I meet her eyes.  That's all it takes for her to burst into laughter and for a laugh to escape me.  Despite that, our climaxes are quick.

I straighten my clothing as she stands.

"I'll be out in a minute," I grumble.

"Yes," she says with the tone of an order.  "If you don't, Lucius might decide to feast upon the guests."  She brushes a kiss against my lips before leaving the room.

Why did she invite them at all?  Dark Lords shouldn't have dinner parties.