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Making progress

Gaining entry was easy under a glamour.  His fault he trusted me to be one of his bandmates.  A well-timed Imperius curse had Ginny under my control once again and it was delightful.

I'm so glad Parvati understands.

A second Imperius curse on him allowed me to contact his mother -- "Mom, I want to join you" -- and a ward that allowed only her inside completed my collection.

It has been arousing to keep him alive enough to watch me fuck Ginny.  How he fought when I tied her hands to the bed and fucked every orifice she offered.

It had to end, though, unfortunately.  After four days he was weak.  Pity I forgot to feed him.  I allowed his mother to kill him, then shot her with the sawed-off shotgun Ginny found for me.

I stroke her hair.  She looks up at me, eyes blank, then bends to suck my cock.

As I come, I set the two bodies on fire.  Ginny doesn't notice the smell as she straddles my lap to drive my cock into her.

I smile.

In a day or so, when I've had my fill of using Ginny Weasley, I'll leave her in this nondescript house outside Las Vegas.  I'll leave her enough food and water to last for a bit.  But what I shall enjoy most is knowing I bested them and had Ginny in the end.