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An evening with Ms Weasley

It's unfortunate that Ginny is losing her mind so quickly.  By the fact she kept calling me Tom, I can only assume her encounter with my father so many years ago cracked her mind and my incursions haven't helped.  If her mind is gone, so much the better.  She has asked about her family, to which I gave no answer.

I took the bodies away and left them in a culvert outside the city.  Someone should discover them soon.  If they don't, then I might make a discreet phone call.

I called Parvati in the middle of the night, waking her.  I don't think she minded considering it became a mutual masturbation session.  As a pureblood, she'd never experienced phone sex.  Though it isn't a substitute for the real thing -- and I'd had the real thing with Ginny -- I think she saw the appeal in it.

I think I'll pay a visit to the Bellagio once before calling on Ginny one last time.