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An evening out ... and in

Parvati knows her place and that's away from me tonight.  She's mingling separately from me.  Business receptions are only one step above having a root canal for enjoyment lately.  It's extremely difficult to enjoy the thought of a corporate takeover when you've held someone's life, literally, in your hands.

I bring the glass of champagne to my lips, eyes scanning the crowd.  There have been a few women who've looked interested -- and interesting -- but I'm not sure yet if I trust myself to take a moment to shag one of them.

The Darkness is encroaching.  Parvati has been able to stave it off somewhat with her behaviour, especially when she said nothing the night I returned home with blood on my hands.

I follow Parvati when I see her head onto the back patio with another woman.  Though she's been with other women before at my behest, this is the first time I've seen her initiate anything.  The woman she's with is one of those who had eyed me earlier in the evening.  Discreetly questioning a waiter yields the woman's name, Amy Turner, the wife of the CEO of the latest company in my sights.  The knowledge makes me smile.  My smile makes the waiter shiver and hurry off.

Parvati leads the unsuspecting Mrs Turner to a darkened corner of the patio.  A wandless Disillusionment spell on myself allows me to stand almost behind Parvati and eavesdrop.

"I saw you watching my husband earlier," she begins.

Mrs Turner merely turns to Parvati.  "Oh?"

Parvati smiles a woman-to-woman smile.  "It's perfectly fine."  Mrs Turner seems startled.  "We have an open relationship.  In fact, I saw him returning your look, so I think he'd be interested."

Parvati, what are you up to?

Mrs Turner flushes, her nipples visibly hardening as she shudders slightly.  "Would he?"

Parvati's smile deepens.  She leans close.  "I know so, just as long as you don't mind me watching."

Watching or participating?  I shift slightly to ease the pressure of my zipper on my cock.  The rustle of my clothing makes Parvati glance in my direction.

"Do you trust me?" Parvati whispers.  Mrs Turner glances over her shoulder before nodding.  Parvati hands her a coin.  "This will take you to our flat.  My husband will be waiting."

Parvati either doesn't expect this woman's memories to stay intact or her life to continue if she's using a Portkey.  The Portkey activates a moment later and, cursing under my breath, I Apparate into our bedroom.

Mrs Turner has appeared in the living room, startled and surprised.  Parvati follows a moment later.  I cancel the Disillusionment charm and cross the room to the two women.

Taking her hand, I kiss it and murmur, "Good evening, Mrs Turner."  My smile makes her flush once again, but her eyes are hungry.  Though she's in her early 40s, her husband is in his late 60s.  I'm sure it's been a while since she's received this sort of attention, especially from a younger man.

"Please, call me Amy."  I smile and repeat her name.  Her blush intensifies.

I lead her to the full-length mirror in one corner of the room, sliding behind her.  She's trembling slightly, obviously eager.  Parvati lounges in her overstuffed reading chair in the corner opposite the mirror, finger sliding up under her dress.  Turning my attenion fully to Mrs Turner, I pull her hair from her neck and dot the cord there with kisses from her ear to her shoulder.  Her soft moan makes me smile.

Humming slightly, I unzip her dress and let it fall in a heap.  Before she can wrap her mind around that, a bit of wandless magic has her bra unsnapped and sliding down her arms.  I quickly skim my hands down her sides into the waistband of her knickers, cutting off her protest with a nip to the back of her neck.  I hear Parvati's gasp when Mrs Turner's body is revealed -- for someone of her age, her body is a delight.

I don't give her the chance to think overmuch about the situation she's found herself in.  Instead, I turn her away from the mirror and push her face-first onto the bed.  Parvati moves from the chair to the head of the bed, legs splayed and dress around her waist so I can watch her finger herself.

"What --"

Once again, I silence her protest with a bite to the back of her neck, both my hands busy unfastening my trousers.  Parvati grins as I free myself and grip Mrs Turner's hips.  She hums in pleasure, increasing the speed of her fingers as I enter Mrs Turner.  As for Mrs Turner, her groan is guttural.  I speed my thrusts, only half-caring whether she enjoys this.  I'm sure this is the most thorough fucking she's received in a very long time.

My arousal and interest increases when Parvati pulls her dress off and slides down the bed, grabbing Mrs Turner's head and forcing her mouth into her pussy.

Mrs Turner tries to pull away, but I cease my thrusts, bend forward and murmur, "If you want me, you must have her."  She trembles, though that could be because I flick her clit and flex my cock inside her.

"Amy, your tongue is wonderful," Parvati moans, sliding her hands through Mrs Turner's hair.  I grip Mrs Turner's hips and drive myself mercilessly into her, wanting to drive her over the edge at least twice before releasing her from our grasp.  Only once on a blackmail tape isn't as damning as twice or more.  She trembles when Parvati comes, then gasps and moans with her own climax.

Mouth still near her ear, I growl, "One more time, Amy.  I know you're loving the way I'm fucking you, you dirty bitch.  I'm sure your husband doesn't fuck you like this."  Parvati's grin entices me much more than the way Mrs Turner feels.  Mrs Turner quivers violently, shuddering in climax a second time.

Parvati licks her lips and moans, making me climax impersonally into Mrs Turner.  Mrs Turner collapses onto the bed between us, half-dazed.  Pulling out of her, I cast a small cleaning charm on myself before tucking myself back into my trousers.

I flip Mrs Turner over and place my fingertips to her forehead.  Gently -- I want her mind intact -- I pull the knowledge of the Portkey from her mind.  Then I bend forward once again, this time for the intimidation factor.

"Just so you're aware, Amy, I expect your husband to be more cooperative after this."  Her eyes widen and she attempts to sit up.  Parvati holds her shoulders down, keeping Mrs Turner underneath me.  "And if he isn't, I think the Board of his company might be interested to know just what a dirty bitch you are."

I'm delighted to see her tears.  I allow her up and watch her like a lion playing with prey as she dresses.  Parvati is kneeling on the bed, watching eagerly.

I follow Mrs Turner to the door, amused when she turns and hisses, "You're a bastard."

I grin.  "I know."

She slams the door, heading downstairs to catch a cab, presumably.  Parvati spins me around and pins me to the door.

"I love when you're a bastard," she growls.

After I satisfy my wife -- twice -- she takes a moment to tell me of her earlier behavior.  Damn, I love this woman and her terrible deviousness.