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When the cat's away...

The Golden Trio is returning.  They've delivered their acceptances via Hermione Granger.

The development is delightful.

Parvati -- under the guise of Padma for the last ten years -- has served well by my side.  Certainly much better than that bitch Dora would have.  We have standing in Muggle society and a lovely combination of fear and respect in the Wizarding world.

If there are some -- former Knights -- who consider "Padma" a traitor for associating intimately with the Son, none have said so to her face.  I don't know that they would dare.  Though I haven't murdered any of them since Padma and Terry's deaths -- which were Parvati's doing anyway -- they haven't forgotten my spree of Knightly deaths.

"Brendan?" Parvati calls.  I Apparate back to the bedroom.

She's dressed in very little, which will be nothing shortly.

"Did you learn something?" she asks softly, lying back on the bed as she does.

I unfasten my shirt.  "The Trio is returning."

She raises her eyebrows, then grins.  "Good.  It was getting boring."  Her grin widens as I unfasten my trousers.  "I see you're excited by the idea as well."

"You don't think this is because you're a delicious fuck?" I ask, kneeling between her spread legs.  Pulling her knickers to one side, I drive into her.

"No," she gasps.  "You're looking forward to the fight."

So I am.  Bridget Potter starts at Hogwarts.  Let the games begin.