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Plots and plans

With the article on Saturday and the letters to the editor published this morning, I'm pleased with the first salvos in the war of words against the Trio.

I sit at my desk and pull a few papers toward me.  Some are contracts for my various businesses -- though most are now handled by others there are a few things I have to put my name to directly -- some are reports from informants on various people and entities, and yet others are reports about the Trio.

It seems Ms Granger was in Flourish & Blotts while she was in London.  I do hope she enjoyed what I've done with the place.

Parvati has made suggestions for what should be done when the Potters return, but I'm holding off until they arrive.  I would love to stage something similar to the derailment all those years ago, but that would be too obvious.  Instead, I'm going to wait.  What I've told no one is that I'm fairly sure Weasley's brats are part of the prophecy as well.  Before I do anything, I have to verify that since it will certainly change things.

Bridget Potter will be well-protected within the walls of Hogwarts, but they can't keep Emma and James Weasley there.  I can use that to my advantage.

I think it's about time to pay a visit to Rodolphus again.